Saturday, 1 May 2010

back south

motorwayed out
belt bombing barrelling down the three-laned-grey south south and souther from The Lakes to Surrey
6 becomes 1 becomes 25 becomes 3
with me, the numbheaded national-artery pedal-floorer, 5th gearing the pristine Ford Transit on the speedo so 70 stays 70 stays 70
while the spagehtti lanes of concrete wind around and around and around the head pulling tighter tauter tenser, stress-testing the numbheaded flesh, weals fading on the flexible skin, geometric curves and flatnesses in virtual inner-cranial-space

as everyday as everyday as...
the glass metal boxes in unceasing pour south down the flat lined gutterings of grey, a liquid stream of glass metal shapes on wheels
the unending discrete streams, the colour varying at pure random
all those wheels all those drivers all those decisions
all those lives all those thoughts all those concerns worries joys hopes
all those human-nesses on such a scale all pouring south south souther
till the brainzeroed jointcreaker handbrakes in parental drive and falls out the white door onto his wobbly pins into cup of tea tv tv cup of tea cake sleep
two day trip edin surrey
one night in lovely windermere, of which we were too knacked to see much
lovely drive past ullswater etc
the sheep the hills the clouds the valley the greens the silver grey waters
then we just kept going for it further south
you're gonna need a heap of glue
when they all catch up with you

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