Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Roget's Adventures in the Growing Land of Self-Doubt

Coming soon

Its Roget’s Adventures in the Land of the Fanciful Inkling

Its An Annual Docking At Port Nowhere

With A Lifelong Expert in the Art and Science of Self-Doubt

So… is it Square Metaphors in Round Holes …

Or Square Words in Round Metaphors?

Whatever, the line tips up at one end, and all the words fall off

Whatever, it’s streaming out words making meanings, like a jesus lizard running over a pond ...and what happens now the lizard has suddenly stopped?

Whatever, its fistfuls of mercury

Whatever, it will be Neither Consonant Now Vowel


[Norwich, last blast of Indian summer

sunny trips to Holkham

where Gwynneth lands at the end of shakespeare in love

for sarnies in the downs and blue sea and a flat land's sky less huge than the Prairies

to Southwold for pier and chips and fishing boats and egrets

and the bold autumnal light

and the cathedral, a wholly new one for the Canadian]

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