Saturday, 21 November 2009

i kingfish

so we're eating kingfish, tandooried, fresh, with fries and salad, roti and veg masala... 330 rupees
and we're drinking kingfisher... 60 rupees in tantra

and there are kingfisher around... flashes of blue in the brown and green... or against the rocks at the end of the beach... and there's a white-throated kingfisher with a long beak which sits on the bamboo rail of the bridge of the bridge inn, which is where we're staying and where we lounge for morning coffee and maybe porridge for herself... and where the small kingfisher seems to have a pretty easy time of it... it sits for only a minute on the rail, often shorter, watching the water of the still stream before it darts down and picks out a small fish which it holds wriggling in its beak for a couple of minutes till it swallows it, then swoops down for a quick drink of water and sits there again [do birds hiccup?] till it swoops for another... it did it yesterday, the day before and now this morning

patnem, for a good while yet

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