Sunday, 27 December 2009

beyond survival of the fittest

can we see the human race as
the first species to go beyond
survival of the fittest?
in some ways elephants have achieved elements of this social living
as have monkeys
and possibly whales and dolphins
but humans have gone way further with social living
for the social living of humans is in many ways a means to let the less strong thrive
they can find their own roles
they can play to their strengths
without having their lack of power, of physical strength, be their nemesis
this is what makes us human, more than animals
the way in which we are social beings
so the libertarians
the chicago school
the republicans
would seek to take us back into the realm of the animal
the antediluvian fossil
as with all metaphors
what value is there in thinking this way?
and in what ways are its facts and assumptions unfounded?

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