Thursday, 3 December 2009

the food [part one]

the food
the food
the heavenly food
we've been here a month and barely had a bad meal yet
someone said to me, do you miss any food?
meaning western food
and i said, yeah, dhosas
cos you don't get them in goa
and what heaven to sit at a truckstop cafe and have a four page menu full of things you've never had
chicken mangalorian
veg kolapurl
veg angara
veg etc etc
what heaven... order three new surries and i'm off into happydappy lalaland
and i love all the dhosas
we went to the surya in puttaparthi and it was so good we went back twice a day and had everything
same thing with tantra, where you sit out on patnem beach before the sea and under the stars
and we had the kingfish
the sea bass
the red snapper
the pomfret
the tandori chicken
and all manner of veg and chicken and prawn curries and goan vindaloos
bloody marvellous
and then the pakodas and tandoori chicken salad and russian salads and aubergine masalas at the bridge inn, where we stayed
... and then last night we arrive into mangalore which is famous for its food and we have a wonderful chicken resme kebab
which was the best chicken like ever, ever, next to some strange yellow eggy soufflet meringue thing
ahhh the food

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