Wednesday, 17 March 2010

i take that back... and tomba

what a great place
durbar square
unlike anything i've seen
different styles ages stones peoples
more chinese than anywhere i've been
amazement at the ornate stupas in small squares
loving the temples
the pagodas
the big bell
the old houses overhanging the streets
the ornate wood
the hindu and the buddhist
thickly bustled market streets to wander
so its a capital city
and more of a tourist zone than anywhere i've been since banglamphu in bangkok a year ago
and they have powercuts for something like 20 hours in the day
and its people most certainly derrvse more
but its a
nonstop fascination for the wandering eye
draw after draw for the swivelling head
tug after tug at the zigzagging leg
rightangle after circle after rightangle for the unplanning mind
plus we get well-knackered looking for a place we like to eat and in the end get frustrated and so, as you do, go in the first place we come to
which is a tumbledown filthy-cornered two-story bar of hammered tibetans and nepalis
all drinking tomba
a new-to-me tibetan drink where they fill a large wooden cylindrical pot with fermented millet grain
and then serve it you
and only then add the hot water which brings out the alcohol
and gives it a saki-ish taste
and you drink it through a straw
bloody strong
i hesitate to have two

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