Wednesday, 6 October 2010


quiet life
its autumn outside
though greener still than alberta
more green
some red
some brown
less yellow
but yellower everyday
and i'm around at my brothers
who are all at school and work right now
my sis alice is over from oz
with husband
and two very lively young australians
jackson and lily
so i've been doing the uncle bit
at least i have with jackson
lily seems to have that infant mistrust a big scary bloke can get
so i've been dangling jackson upside down
[he's antipodean
he's used to it]
in fact i was dangling him upside down three seconds after we first met here
which is all good fun and i'm waking much too jetlagged late but not getting any work done yet and reading
after a history of the batttle of el alamein
an autobiog of the monty pythons whilst, perhaps, cleaning the odd cooker in an attempt to make myself useful
so, all in all its quiet days
and just a couple more posts and i'll wind up this blog
though i'll try a month without it but,
if i really can't bear it
if i'm lost without it
if i'm itching daily to do more
i'll pick it up again

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