Friday, 15 October 2010

new attempt to jail the english

by the Tories of course
they successfully thwarted all striving for truth and justice for centuries
successfully kept the bulk of the British in powerlessness and poverty
but eventually they failed
and had to surrender power
well now they have a new plan
if you talk to many americans
you start to understand that in their
their life is made crap by the fact that you have to go to college
but if you go to college you come out of it with a mass of debt
and this debt nails you to the spot
this debt means you are not free
this means you have to get a job
meaning your freedom is severely limited for
much of your twenties
[there are exceptions to his
but it is the broad truth]
well the Tories are trying to nail down the British in the same way
not their own nobby class
but every class beneath them
to hobble them
to shackle
to chain them to the spot
to take back their freedoms
there is of course only one solution to all this
and one has to ask who a society is for
well, more than anything else
its for its children
and this means free education for all
it is the only logical and just way
its a matter of priorities
and they are of course
the chief priority

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