Friday, 8 January 2010

sloughed into the pondy

akak pondy
aka puducherry
ex french enclave
cops in kepis
we were heading here two months agao
and we were one day away from Mal, 100km up the coast
when we discovered it was the rainy season
so we reversed off to Goa instead
60 days later we get here and ...
bucketing down
belting down
miserable and
decidedly european
and, to be honest. i'm wholly unimpressed
the french style food we've had has been poor
and it all seems like the least interesting of France combined with the least interesting of India
... the sea, grey and bigwaved, is great
and we have found ourselves a cheap apartment rather an a hotel
and a new apartment which has never been lived in
we're all set up here
except i cannot get excited by the place
before this was the temple run
see above below or somewhere
and that was truly something

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