Monday, 31 May 2010

Horn Of Bardship

She was a
whole lot more
trouble than she was worth
seeing how she was
bloody marvellous
we were all
really in trouble

There is always an England that’s dying

There is always an England that's dying

sweets you can't get any more...

makes of toy....

comics ....

publishers ....

shops ....

buildings ...



old comedian and actors...

there is always an england which is passing on, to be known no more

sometimes noticed in its passing

sometimes barely seen or mourned

and there is always an England which is being created...

new songs

new sounds

new ideas

new buildings

new words

new shops

new habits

for it has never been new to say
everywhere is always dying and birthing,
passing on and being reborn,
recreating itself and being re-created,
being destroyed and rebuilt,
spurred and slackened,
is always simultaneously rising and falling

Its simply very difficult,
in the here and now,
to see how much of either there is and
what the outcome will be

Sunday, 30 May 2010

next stop cumnock

eight great days on my todd in francis' flat
wandering about thinking
bumping into old mates i've not seen since 2009
plus i had a front page in the montreal gazettte
a very decent paper'n'all
yesterday, 29th
if you want to see something ugly
which went very well with the scotsman review
which justified the whole trip
so am now off to Glasgow
to see a music hall show at the Panopticon
[always had an ambition to do a show in a panopticon]
which robin cairns is in
robin got into performance poetry through big word
and is now the main guy running shows in Glasgow
and then we're off to Cumnock
a week ago i`d never even heard of Cumnock
in East Ayrshire
for a show
so its all an adventure, and we`ll see


Saturday, 29 May 2010

A Mockney History Of Thingy And Thingammy

So Thingy’s working at a ******* factory near the Arsenal, it’s a crap job but it keeps him off the beer half the day, and in beer the rest, and one day this round chummy Chilean woman, Thingammy, who’s also working there and wants to do a pH.d but has visa problems so she suggests to Thingy they do the obvious and she’ll pay him fifteen hundred quid, this is way back so its decent cash, and Thingy is convinced that he, Thingy, is bi though all his mates just think he’s gay, he seems to have no interest in women whatsoever, but it ain’t like he’s taken and he needs the money though his liver doesn’t so if they're gonna do it they have to do it proper so she gets together this giant Chilean booze’n’knees up and everybody gets staggeringly hammered, as you do, and half the wedding is an army of Chilean musicians and Thingummy’s pretty good guitar and voice herself and then, when everyone’s gone, and this bit is unclear, did they have sex for a joke, did they fancy each other, did they just think they should???... whatever, they do it and in the morning they do it again and the upshot is they’re properly together and he never sees the slightest sniff of the fifteen hundred and now twenty years later they're still together, she’s a Doctor of Anthropology and they’ve got two kids and a nice flat in Muswell Hill, funny how it all works out yeah?

Friday, 28 May 2010

first press

rocking review

great review
scotsman, today

“Breathlessly mesmeric and exhilarating performance"

yeehah, all i neeed

especially for a quarter-assed fumble-fluff demiere... but sometimes journalists generously look through what a show is now to see what it will be... and i guess he did that

am still hanging out in francis's front room while he jollies around the Black Sea Coast and i had all these plans to get stuff done, and get down to writing, but the review cheered me up so much i forgot to do anything except drink more coffee and walk around even faster and so went off to meet my old-mate Gordon... ex-communist ex-physicist ex-new-labour ex-MSP-to-be ex-banker and now SNP computer whizzkid, dad, owner of 9 room posthouse in Linlithgow High St, and starter of his own HiTec start-up... and so, once again, having to work his absolute socks off



two more nights here before the west of scotland beckons... shows in cumnock and glasgow... have to rehearse stuff not done for two years...

Thursday, 27 May 2010


10 mile stroll to Cramond, north to the river then west along the firth
then Cleo From 5 To 7, at the Filmhouse
French new wave movie, and very good indeed
would watch it again right now if i could
and when i came out of the cinema it had just rained heavily
though obviously briefly seeing some of the tarmac was steaming
a long walk to get rid of the near inevitable hangover after the demiere of the show last night
if i can invent the word demiere
premiere would be too ambitious a word
but yes, after months of preparation i finally did the show
and it was... ok
will have to get much better, and it will
and i made a few fluffs
too many fluffs
but it did work
was funnier than i thought it would be
[rehearsing always makes you forget which bits are meant to be funny because there's no-one there to laugh]
and the audience were pretty nice to me
though a scotsman journalist was in and i hope there's no review as i was semi-pro at best
and i got some good feedback from mates as the evening
slid into the Brass Monkey
and then Pivo
the Czech bar i would so often blunder into on my late way home back to Leith Walk
and woke to not feel quite so special...

angus calder

i just found out Angus Calder died two years ago
at 66
the writer critic poet academic
he wrote
Gods, Mongrels and Demons: 101 Brief but Essential Lives.
which every twenty year old should read
and a load of other books
old style writer thinker poet
i liked angus alot
though i'm not sure he liked me much
legendary drinker
to me as much as posh Englishman of the kind i went to college with
as a through and through thorough Scot
very smart guy
one of the smartest
and super funny
sober and hammered
i remember bumping into on the West Port at lunchtime and him being a tad hammered already
and saying to him
not knowing then he was a legendary boozer
isn't it a bit early to be plastered?
and him replying
yes jem, that might be true but its a bit indecent of you to say so
are you laughing?
I am
just a guy, doing his best to think
and doing pretty damn well
just a guy, in the pub, having a drink
cos he's done his work
and what the hell

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

robinson source

First show in eight hours

Not nervous but

Never have my nails

And the skin around them

Been so bitten

… now I need to try and sleep

The waves at the sea wall

Like feveredly jostling crowds in a riot

In January of 2009

I remember walking along the waterfront in copenhagen and looking at the cheap ugly buildings,

in a city which is not given to the cheap and ugly,

and thinking

This city does not expect a great future

This city is not building for a great future

This city is building for a future of mere getting by



The next day, fortunately, Priscilla decided she wanted too leave

And I resumed the peripatetic wander, no longer alone



Am watching the movie Robinson In Space

Patrick Keiller’s sequel to his excellent London

One of my favourite films ever

A wholly unique film and a film which has, uniquely perhaps,

had a great impact on the world of books

And was the progenitor of all the Iain Sinclair/ Lights Out For The Territory/ psychogeography stuff

Francis, who has just left for a publishing junket in Bulgaria

Was bought it by his girlfriend Hannah

Who is very young to be the head of the

Edinburgh International Film Festival

[got job at 29]

So I exclaimed wow

You’ve got a girlfriend who buys you London for your birthday

Wow, I’m impressed

… so that means Hannah is a cineaste

A word I only ever used for the first time

8 days ago

And now I’m meeting one


The film has an image of the large-membered hill-drawing at Cerne Abbas

The very large-membered man drawn in Chalk on the grass hill

And in the photo the well-trodden path around the member looks like a sheath, a condom



Roger Ebert’s new voice

Saw my mate Matthew last night

Who used to have a poetic alter-ego as Hawaiian Dave

But now runs a speech technology company

And it was him who

Redesigned Roger Ebert’s new voice

The film-critic

And writer of Beyond The Valley of The Dolls

After he had it removed for health reasons

So they recreated it synthetically to be just like the real one

…They are making voices for people

… wow

and at the forefront is my mate Matthew

All the press quote

Doctor Matthew Aylett

Which sounds very proper

And makes you think of white coats and a steady eye

But its just Matthew

Hawaiian Dave

Iffy shirt man

I went to his wedding





dismal drear morn


boiling greys loom deep behind the bold green

i premiere tonight so the pressure is on

this is one of those days wholly given over to... just one thing

the new show

the hour, 9-10

two rehearses

healthy food

a sleep

a dvd

a climb up calton hill and

alot but not too much coffee


that's the day

and The Scotsman are apparently coming to review so its




saw Bad Lieutenant

good not great

nicely twisted but overdone twistedness at times

then Robin Hood

which is OK despite having a lousy story

and historically being ridiculous

though looking OK

decent cast

Russell Crowe is great as Russell Crowe being Robin Hood


but i wonder

if you remember the last Robin Hood which was great despite the fact Kevin Costner was terrible

and he was in a crap movie whereas Morgan Freeman Mary-Stuart whatsername and especially Alan Rickman were all in very different but great movies.

so what if you could ditch Kevin and get in Russell?

what if?


Tuesday, 25 May 2010

a negro culture in pre-etruscan italy

a long time ago i read a book by James Frazer
he who wrote The Golden Bough
most venerable English academic since Gibbon
who went to 1890 Australia and recorded the Aborigines on tubes
and who kinda invented the discipline now known as Anthropology
though the Golden Bough is chiefly a work of Classics
called, i think
Folk Lore In The Old Testament
and i think it was in this book he said something like
at some point someone will have to explore the evidences of a
negro culture in pre-Etruscan Italy

now Frazer was a very serious bloke
and i have never heard any mention of this idea anywhere ever
has anyone?
a negro culture in pre-etruscan italy
Frazer of course was an archetypal academic coward
he had a jolly nice sinecure at Cambridge
and didn't want to rock any boats
especially by saying there is nothing original about any of Christianity
all the imagery is taken from pre-existing religions
a common idea now but groundbreaking
and even earth-shattering then
which he had certainly discovered
and kinda hid
for reasons of keeping-job
within the middle of The Golden Bough
in the same kinda place where Gibbon put his anti-Christian discoveries in
The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire
which all puts Frazer in a category with Copernicus
revolutionary thinkers who did their best to hide what they had found

The Golden Bough was of course a by-product of the engine, of world travel, meaning all those details of all those cultures the world over, could be gathered by one brain somewhere
a negro culture in pre-etruscan italy?

perfectionism is, of course, arduous



when the only things worth


are so obvious

they do not need



because the only things worth saying

are the only things you

can be sure of

and the only things you can be sure of

are the wholly obvious


and therefore the

only things worth


are so obvious

they do not need



Monday, 24 May 2010

face value



The Canadians are a very face value kind of people

while me, well

I hear the phrase face value and I think

What does value mean?

What does a face mean?

Has a face got a value?

How many different kinds of face are there?

Meanings of face are there?

In how many meanings of face can it have a value?

So I have to conclude

I’m not a face value kind of guy

But then its much easier to say what kind of you bloke you aren’t

Than what kind of guy you are

By which time all definitions and categories have blurred and frayed at the edges

And eventually they bow and break and collapse into ether powder and all round never-existedness

And everything means nothing and everything

Which is probably further proof I’m not a

Face value kind of guy




o frabjous green morning

the leafy trees over london road before calton hill

gently shifting in the morning breeze

to sit and coffee and idly finger this

Sunday, 23 May 2010

in the way of thinking

writing can become so instinctive it
gets in the way of thinking

the 2010 me looks across the backyards at the 2006

yesterday, burning hot in the second day of summer
as the aircon train wound its delayed way north through carlisle
today, the level grey blanket uniform above
breaks rain on the cold street
before the sun and the heat break out again
right outside
its the edinburgh marathon starting point
and a tannoy
yes a tannoy
of excitable male voice blares loud
into Francis' unshuttered window
with an intermittent commentary on
a good day for running
as the knots of coloured vests and shorts
collect and thicken into
one homogenous street-filling rectangular crowd
limb-flexing in anticipation
keeping themselves warm
some wearing binliners
lining politely for the portaloos
while disco classics sound in the gap between
his street-filling enthusings
a cheese of international welcome
big shout out to everyone here from Belgium
driving me to the
back of the house
looking out over the backyards to realise
that's the back of montgomery street
where i spent a winter
in the basement way across
that's the last place i called home
[though i spent five months on macmillan in winnipeg
and 12 weeks in friederiksborg in copenhagen]

a whole winter, 2005/6
a whole life got used to
its own normality
its own uniqueness
its whole beginning and end
a whole life long gone, thank god
yet a whole passage of writing
... that was where i wrote and learnt my 2006 show,
a show i like a lot
my favourite show of poems rather than one long poem
a whole show created over full months
collating ideas fusing ideas editing ideas fevering ideas
creating pieces poems jokes refrains
creating a whole
refashioning a whole
and then learning
first mouthing
louder stronger broader wider faster louder
varying changing diversifying reimagining expanding shrinking
boiling down ideas into a whole
and learning learning learning for months until
i ejected into the Canadian tour
for four rampaging months of success and exhaustion
and there was
no coming back to that abandoned life
the wreckage strewn in my wake
and me gone and
shocked to find myself single

change of change of state

according to einstein
acceleration is
the process by which energy becomes mass
and deceleration
the process by which mass becomes energy
have always thought that
less state
or change of state
but change of change of state
or rate of change of change
is the most fruitful place to be looking


Saturday, 22 May 2010

after the summer

When the summer is over, and the last show is done, I’m going to get out my pallet… the one splodged with thick festered sauces of ideas… and I’m going to work them again… and boy is it going to be some fun... winter will come in all the way to -40c in and I’ll be facing a fresh canvass, with deep wells of unused strong mature ideas all primed and ready for use
Some of them will need diluting, othering sugaring, others devinegaring, some a shake or a stirfry, some a scrape of battering or two
Whatever, its gonna be fun
I have, I’ve had, all these ideas following me round for years and decades, I used up many in the shopping show, but I’ve got loads left to get to cook, to mosaic together, to stitch together with seamless artless joins and flow one into the other like fred astaire across the floor
That'll be the gig
its gonna be great
mind you, there's a whole life between me and then
the summer is giant
60 gigs


the sun
having no choice
moved across the sky

[beckett... first line of murphy, i think]
so perhaps one could riposte
the sun
overwhelmed by choice
once more elected to take the same route across the sky
seeing the sun doesn't actually move
perhaps that should be
the earth
overwhelmed by choice
once more elected to take the same route across the
so here we go
i know
the earth
powerless yet again
decided to let the sun move whatever way it liked across the sky
the earth wished the sun would
do something different for a change
but that's the problem with dominant powers
they get set into a certain way of doing things and
then stick with them forever
and ever

Typical history

Perfectly exampled by those
Tossy Welsh princes in the
13th Century
Who arrogated themselves to try and push out the English
And so, after their defeat
Brought nemesis
Upon their own people
In the form of harsh English rule and taxes and confiscation

If they had not tried to exert their power to the full
And beyond
And of course lost to a much wealthier power
Then English feudalism might never have extended to them
At least it might have taken a few extra centuries

But no
And Dafydd ap Gruffud
Had too arrogate themselves
Had to want it all
And more…
And with each uprising’s defeats’s retreat came the English
Following the trail to create their fiefs and castles
Taking more neach timer
Securing themselves more each time
And those Prince’s fellow Welshmen
Suffered for centuries as a
Consequence of their
Near inevitable defeat

And some would say
They are suffering still

The lesson?
Don’t fight battles you can’t win?
Let sleeping giants lie?
Don’t wave red rags at John Bull?

Friday, 21 May 2010

summer's here

its here
its summer
the swelter
an old fashioned scorcher
off to edinburgh tomorrow
and live off salad
they're predicting the hottest mayday ever
so here i go


I was just in the back garden smashing up old cupboards with an axe
There’s a great pleasure to be had in smashing up old cupboards with an axe
Have you ever smashed up cupboards with an axe?
Its great fun, I would recommend it.
Except the last thing smashed up was our old ottoman
You know, an ottoman, an old Turkish style box on wheels you can also sit on
And I sat on it for years at the family table
From little to not so little at all
And it used to have our toys in, lots of them
At 4, i used to hide my chilblain tablets inside it
and other food i hated
And then I go and brute-basic smash it to bits with an axe
[it reminded me of that song when emily loved me, in Toy Story…
biggest tragedy for infant girls since the death of Bambi]

Is that heartless?
To have smashed it up
Quick callous brutal
Is that heartless?
It feels heartless
Sylvana Mangano?

are you you?

off to edinburgh tomorrow
time before last i was in edin i had a couple of people ask me
are you jem rolls?
which is a weird question for anyone to be asked
are you you?
an existential thrower, yes?
i mean it would seem to imply i was someone

at one stage...
wouldn't it?
and maybe still am

Thursday, 20 May 2010

silly, dumb, here we come

downright silly
downright dumb
downright stupid
here we come

particular words in a particular way

Yet more
Words from
Minds with
Every word means
Exactly what they
Think it means

That it has always done
And always will
A free-wheeling happiness to use
particular words in a particular way
as if they will always be meaningful in the same way

somewhere below i wrote
there is nothing new under the sun
providing words don’t change their meanings
nor meanings their words

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

lead us not into sensation

Soho always makes me feel acutely self-aware
Always makes me feel like an outsider
Maybe it does that to everyone
And no
I’ve never seen that face before
But yes, if I’d’ve thought about it
I’d’ve guessed there’d be a face like that

republican party in excruciating agony

anyone ever read The Final Days
woodward and bernstein's sequel to
All the President's Men?


well if the idea of the
Republican Party in
excruciating agony
for months on end

cranks your handle
then it is the book for you
I hope you've been extra nice to everyone on the way up
because you're going to be meeting them all again
on the way down
have you?

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

colonic irritation... enzymeless

149 bus from Stoke Newington to Hoxton
Bendy bus
A giant gurgitating stomach
Seats and standing and aisle
A bus-sized intestine digesting people for five
fifteen minutes and then
excreting them out the sides onto the pavement

The ruminative road-rattled churn
The soft shoving grind of bodies
The air and light and shape and shadow slowly pushing against each other
Freezedried in an enzymeless light
A fecundless bright
Maintaining/ Inanimating them in unreaction

The Vancouver buses are also bendy buses
Yet they do not
Repeat not
Feel like colons

So why do the London bendy buses
Feel like stomachs
Digesting people?

a wrung-out rag of a man

A few times...
I was a wrung-out rag of a man
In need of a good iron
a good squaring cleaning reappointing
A few times...
I remember thinking
I need something good to happen
And you know what?
Each time it did...
Luck and reward and coincidence and good good times
Gave me that iron
That squaring that clean that reapponting
And pretty soon I was
Pretty spruce
Back in it
Back up again
And back having fun

Monday, 17 May 2010

divide between north and south


New Overground from Dalston to Crystal Palace
[Lastish gasp of new labour coming up trumps?]

Now why would anyone
Says a guy on the street
Want to go to Crystal Palace?
It’s a shitehole

Aaahh I get it
To get away from Crystal Palace

New Overground from Crystal Palace to Dalston
[Ta Gordon]

Now why would anyone
Says the guy on the street
Want to go to Dalston?
It’s a shithole

Aaahh I get it
To get away from Dalston

And e’er the
Ne’er the
Shall meet

E’er the
Ne’er the

E’er the
Ne’er the

E’er the
Ne’er the

Its changed
You haven’t been there

E’er the
Ne’er the
twain sha-a-all... mee-ee-ee-eet

A Cartoon Everyface


i, in the horde of manswarm cyphers
a floating transparency at the whim of the air
blown in the breath of the city crowd,
i, watching the flicking book of faces
the cartoon everyface
the everchanging composite of the
city's thousands' faces
i, watching, fascinated, enjoying
the cityface of

Sunday, 16 May 2010


All five scumbags responsible for it died shortly after it began
In 1285
French invasion of Aragon, over Sicily [I think]
Dubbed a crusade by yet another venal murderous pope
All five responsible died very shortly after it barely began
So it never really happened

Phillip III of France, dying of plague shortly after entry into Aragon
Like his father died of plague in the ultra-crap Crusade which only got as far as Tunis
[which is not on the way to Jerusalem]

Peter of Aragon, succumbed to the void
like any warmaker should

Charles of Anjou
Scumbag supreme
Finally did the world a favour and
After a zillion iniquities

Pope Martin the can’t-kill-em-fast-enough VI

So the King of Spain
Not wishing to miss out
Died too


Saturday, 15 May 2010

sunshine's sweet morning

sunshine's sweet green morning along the canal to victoria park
up in the morning to inflict the show upon poor hostkate ollie
not co much unsuspecting as
resigned to this kind of behaviour by now
and now a tootle up ridley road market to my mate john's for the cup final
will chelsea win the double
well you have to say they are mighty favourites
i used to live here
what did new labour did for england
well a fair amount
if hackney is anything to go by
new tube line
swanky swanky new school in haggerston
swankiest state school i ever seen

Friday, 14 May 2010

can't sit still

why sit still?
next stop the smoke
super self-conscious morning rehearsing
on the armyfield just a quarter mile off
in my self-marked-out
24 by 20 ft stage
with dogwalkers looking and
englishly-notlooking askance
at the large weirdo,
shouting and
waving his arms around
to one side of the large playing field...
ahhh the diverse humiliations of the job
being a poet is not the process one might imagine
at least, not for me it isn't
press releases
aeroplane ticket cheap in advance
endless rehearsals
long walks less pontificatory than recitative
vocal warmups
physical warmups
postering, tape, blu-tak, etc
billet requests

Thursday, 13 May 2010

p to gtwk

am jutting out my lower lip and looking feeling kinda blank
just drove p to gatwick
we've been inseparable
haven't spent a day apart
since sept/ oct of last year
when i flew from London Ontario to Dauphin
so am feeling rather lost
back to talking to myself
back to slow empty hours
back to much less laughs and much less warmth
back to...

the news...


Wednesday, 12 May 2010

can't leave a room without

walking back into it
its amazing i ever get anywhere
which seeing as how i'm back in the family fold
albeit temporarily
maybe i haven't

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

the billion-footed season marching lightly north

as the flowered feet of springtime
comes on over this earth
the billion-footed season marching lightly north
in a scatter a riot a splash of colour
the bright confetti of the celebration
of the marriage of hope and time
first full rehearsal on the army field out the back
priscilla leaves in two days
and won't see her for two months
chelsea won
goodbye brown

Monday, 10 May 2010

money is an alien attack virus...

the blossom out in force
ahhh the greens of English sping
the number of greens growing with every passing week
the heathland under the blue white and grey
the same heathland i used to play in at 8 9 10 11...
squaddyland... because sandhurst army college is so close
a few square miles of straw and heather and ferns and conifers... of woods in part cut down for the army to exercise in... clumpy meadows... and muddy streamsides... and pylons ... and stretches of rhododendron... and ferns now uncoiling as they stretch up into summer
and land which, seeing how much has been built on in the South East,
owlsmoor over the other side was tiny 30 years ago but now has estate after estate
[i think... but why go to properly find out?]...
land which would not still be there if it wasn't for those squaddies, all so keen to daub their faces with charcoal and crawl around the undergrowth firing blanks at each other...

here come the ferns
which makes me think of laurie anderson
which makes me think of the line
language is a virus from outer space
which makes me think
is language a life force?
an unstoppable ever-evolving lifeforce?
to what extent do words and ideas have life-forces of their own?
songs do
myths do
jingles do
... the docomo adverts in India now are a virus runing in and out of millions of heads

words do
ideas do... [good ones and bad]
and i've always wondered what value there is in considering money to be a life force
is money an alien attack virus?
yes, i've always wanted to write an essay on
the biology of money
and i've always wondered what value there is in considering
traffic jams to be a life force
so yes,
and money and traffic jams
might need us
and there's plenty of things we biologically need
but to what extent does language have a life of its own
and would treating language in this fashion
from this angle
be the most fruitful take?

would it?

Sunday, 9 May 2010

room for improvement

and if a show has 8500 words
then that means it has at least 100,000 ways of being better
lets face it
is a lot of
room for improvement

Saturday, 8 May 2010

Caerphilly Castle

Gilbert de Clare, Duke of Glamorgan, begins to complete his castle at Caerphilly
as part of his struggle with Llywyln Gryffud
and from that point on
it was a bigger tougher castle than there had ever been in Britain
a few years before the Tower of London as expanded by Edward the First
and both are similarly concentric

and from that point on
as long as the English were inside Caerphilly
Wales would always be vulnerable
and has been under English domination ever since

one castle = 800 years of subjugation

Friday, 7 May 2010

paNG hurliament...

paNG!!! Hurliament...

Thursday, 6 May 2010

silly season

you have to vote
think how many people died to get the vote
the long grinding struggle through the decades to the point of
[near] universal suffrage
how much death
how much misery
how much imprisonment...
how many men died
and had their lives destroyed
and went to jail to get the vote
how many women died
and went to prison
to get the vote
how many indians and pakistanis and bangladeshis died
and went to prison
to get the vote
how many west indians died
and struggled
and went to prison
to get the vote
and then you think again, all the bigger and clearer, just how many people died and went to prison to get the vote
and then you think who didn't

and then you think of the
Conservative Party

some of whom might have died
but they died trying to stop everyone else getting the vote
forced people to crawl through grind and misery and struggle to get the vote
held up the country for centuries of grim small-minded bigotry and decline
and then think
to the tune of i'm getting married in the morning
they're going to be back in power in the morning
don't you think the whole election has been a bit silly season?
there's been alot of political immaturity for starters
like everyone being so impressed by the leaderships debates
i know its the first time they've had them but...
it still wouldn't happen anywhere else
and all the big noise about the liberal democrats and nick clegg
am i the only remembers that this happens EVERY ELECTION?

that early on there's load of fuss about the liberals as was?

or the lib dems as is?

and they feature big time for the first two weeks and then begin to fade out

well this is just the same

except they're bigger than before

but they still look like fading out to a considerable extent


blessed are the peacemakers

do you ever come across things so seemingly peculiar that they make you think your view of the world is much too narrow?

i do
and, for just one of [gratifyingly] many instances
ulster politicians ian paisley and martin mcguinness as apparent chums
for those who don't know
the Rev Ian Paisley always seemed the epitome of the bigoted firebrand
and has been a bigoted firebrand since the early 60s
and had as much a hand as anyone in creating the grief that overwhelmed Northern Ireland for three decades
successfully and belligerently destroying any chance of political advance on numerous occasions
yet a protestant minister and very respected in his own Ulster
and Martin McGuinness
who few seem to doubt was once head of the IRA
which means he ordered some very ghastly actions indeed
and they were as implacable opponents as its possible to get
and yet
at the end of a very long political road
they ended up as first and second ministers of the Ulster Assembly
and were seen more than once chatting amicably
and even joking
on the steps of the Assembly and elsewhere

and even even ended up being dubbed the
Chuckle Brothers

which is, from a 70s 80-s 0r 90s perspective, utterly incomprehensible
and yet its happened
which can only mean my take on Ulster Politics
and what people are capable of
is wrong

which is certainly making me think

Wednesday, 5 May 2010

always already there before i get there but have also always already just left...

vancouver keep asking me
how many people in the show?
well, i keep trying to explain
somewhere between nought and one
am trying very very hard at the
wholly innovative technique of
live self-erasure
of visibly and audibly physically disappearing
or at least lessening
while onstage before the watching audience
but really cannot guaranteee or promise this
groundbreaking physical theatre techniquing will be on stream for this summer
so i might just have to keep talking instead

is it all about increasing the space between the atoms so the light can get through?
or is it about bending the light around me by harnessing the power of the magnet?
or simply mesmerising the audience into believing i am not longer properly there?
or cunningly convincing the paying punters that they would rather not be there,
so that it is them who are only half there to see me?
ahhh, that would be telling
or sending half or more of me off on a pioneering double-speed time travel into the future...

so that i am
always already there before i get there but have also always already just left...

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

ahhh the quiescence...

ahhh the gentle slow english sponge cake of it all
ahhh the slow greenery of it all
ahhh the slow drama of the skies
all rich blue and white white and glowering grey
ahhh the ease
the simplicity

the calm

the quiet of it all

Sunday, 2 May 2010


and its 2 nil to Chelsea
should be there now
one game left, one point ahead, only wigan to beat
should be there now

crunch match

chelsea at anfield
in 90 mins time
funny to have done so well all season, top most of the time, but to then have to beat liverpool away to secure the title
its gonna be well tense and, personally, i would not bet at all on the outcome
at all

Saturday, 1 May 2010

back south

motorwayed out
belt bombing barrelling down the three-laned-grey south south and souther from The Lakes to Surrey
6 becomes 1 becomes 25 becomes 3
with me, the numbheaded national-artery pedal-floorer, 5th gearing the pristine Ford Transit on the speedo so 70 stays 70 stays 70
while the spagehtti lanes of concrete wind around and around and around the head pulling tighter tauter tenser, stress-testing the numbheaded flesh, weals fading on the flexible skin, geometric curves and flatnesses in virtual inner-cranial-space

as everyday as everyday as...
the glass metal boxes in unceasing pour south down the flat lined gutterings of grey, a liquid stream of glass metal shapes on wheels
the unending discrete streams, the colour varying at pure random
all those wheels all those drivers all those decisions
all those lives all those thoughts all those concerns worries joys hopes
all those human-nesses on such a scale all pouring south south souther
till the brainzeroed jointcreaker handbrakes in parental drive and falls out the white door onto his wobbly pins into cup of tea tv tv cup of tea cake sleep
two day trip edin surrey
one night in lovely windermere, of which we were too knacked to see much
lovely drive past ullswater etc
the sheep the hills the clouds the valley the greens the silver grey waters
then we just kept going for it further south
you're gonna need a heap of glue
when they all catch up with you