Monday, 24 May 2010

face value



The Canadians are a very face value kind of people

while me, well

I hear the phrase face value and I think

What does value mean?

What does a face mean?

Has a face got a value?

How many different kinds of face are there?

Meanings of face are there?

In how many meanings of face can it have a value?

So I have to conclude

I’m not a face value kind of guy

But then its much easier to say what kind of you bloke you aren’t

Than what kind of guy you are

By which time all definitions and categories have blurred and frayed at the edges

And eventually they bow and break and collapse into ether powder and all round never-existedness

And everything means nothing and everything

Which is probably further proof I’m not a

Face value kind of guy




o frabjous green morning

the leafy trees over london road before calton hill

gently shifting in the morning breeze

to sit and coffee and idly finger this

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