Tuesday, 25 May 2010

a negro culture in pre-etruscan italy

a long time ago i read a book by James Frazer
he who wrote The Golden Bough
most venerable English academic since Gibbon
who went to 1890 Australia and recorded the Aborigines on tubes
and who kinda invented the discipline now known as Anthropology
though the Golden Bough is chiefly a work of Classics
called, i think
Folk Lore In The Old Testament
and i think it was in this book he said something like
at some point someone will have to explore the evidences of a
negro culture in pre-Etruscan Italy

now Frazer was a very serious bloke
and i have never heard any mention of this idea anywhere ever
has anyone?
a negro culture in pre-etruscan italy
Frazer of course was an archetypal academic coward
he had a jolly nice sinecure at Cambridge
and didn't want to rock any boats
especially by saying there is nothing original about any of Christianity
all the imagery is taken from pre-existing religions
a common idea now but groundbreaking
and even earth-shattering then
which he had certainly discovered
and kinda hid
for reasons of keeping-job
within the middle of The Golden Bough
in the same kinda place where Gibbon put his anti-Christian discoveries in
The Rise and Fall of The Roman Empire
which all puts Frazer in a category with Copernicus
revolutionary thinkers who did their best to hide what they had found

The Golden Bough was of course a by-product of the engine, of world travel, meaning all those details of all those cultures the world over, could be gathered by one brain somewhere
a negro culture in pre-etruscan italy?

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