Saturday, 22 May 2010

after the summer

When the summer is over, and the last show is done, I’m going to get out my pallet… the one splodged with thick festered sauces of ideas… and I’m going to work them again… and boy is it going to be some fun... winter will come in all the way to -40c in and I’ll be facing a fresh canvass, with deep wells of unused strong mature ideas all primed and ready for use
Some of them will need diluting, othering sugaring, others devinegaring, some a shake or a stirfry, some a scrape of battering or two
Whatever, its gonna be fun
I have, I’ve had, all these ideas following me round for years and decades, I used up many in the shopping show, but I’ve got loads left to get to cook, to mosaic together, to stitch together with seamless artless joins and flow one into the other like fred astaire across the floor
That'll be the gig
its gonna be great
mind you, there's a whole life between me and then
the summer is giant
60 gigs

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