Friday, 21 May 2010


I was just in the back garden smashing up old cupboards with an axe
There’s a great pleasure to be had in smashing up old cupboards with an axe
Have you ever smashed up cupboards with an axe?
Its great fun, I would recommend it.
Except the last thing smashed up was our old ottoman
You know, an ottoman, an old Turkish style box on wheels you can also sit on
And I sat on it for years at the family table
From little to not so little at all
And it used to have our toys in, lots of them
At 4, i used to hide my chilblain tablets inside it
and other food i hated
And then I go and brute-basic smash it to bits with an axe
[it reminded me of that song when emily loved me, in Toy Story…
biggest tragedy for infant girls since the death of Bambi]

Is that heartless?
To have smashed it up
Quick callous brutal
Is that heartless?
It feels heartless
Sylvana Mangano?

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