Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Roger Ebert’s new voice

Saw my mate Matthew last night

Who used to have a poetic alter-ego as Hawaiian Dave

But now runs a speech technology company

And it was him who

Redesigned Roger Ebert’s new voice

The film-critic

And writer of Beyond The Valley of The Dolls

After he had it removed for health reasons

So they recreated it synthetically to be just like the real one

…They are making voices for people

… wow

and at the forefront is my mate Matthew

All the press quote

Doctor Matthew Aylett

Which sounds very proper

And makes you think of white coats and a steady eye

But its just Matthew

Hawaiian Dave

Iffy shirt man

I went to his wedding





dismal drear morn


boiling greys loom deep behind the bold green

i premiere tonight so the pressure is on

this is one of those days wholly given over to... just one thing

the new show

the hour, 9-10

two rehearses

healthy food

a sleep

a dvd

a climb up calton hill and

alot but not too much coffee


that's the day

and The Scotsman are apparently coming to review so its




saw Bad Lieutenant

good not great

nicely twisted but overdone twistedness at times

then Robin Hood

which is OK despite having a lousy story

and historically being ridiculous

though looking OK

decent cast

Russell Crowe is great as Russell Crowe being Robin Hood


but i wonder

if you remember the last Robin Hood which was great despite the fact Kevin Costner was terrible

and he was in a crap movie whereas Morgan Freeman Mary-Stuart whatsername and especially Alan Rickman were all in very different but great movies.

so what if you could ditch Kevin and get in Russell?

what if?


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