Monday, 29 March 2010

ho chi minh mausoleum. hanoi



the ho chi minh mausoleum in hanoi is

a softening machine

the people file in sombre

stiff of body and fixed of face

and they leave softened

relaxed of face and looser of body



Golden moon of valley smog,

Fields amongst the town

Lorries banned from city

Piles and piles of the algae scooped from the still-green surface of the large watertank

Black pumping smoke stacks

Crowds around the water truck

Power company so crap no-one will invest in it and powercuts get longer and longer

Samarbajai, newari kind of thali, of beaten rice, of 2 veg curries, of choyyala chicken

Kid with green wig of river weed

Buffalo sukuti, a spicified fried dried buffalo from Dharan in the east, more hard than crunchy

Uniformed band in red and white followed by wedding procession of men in neat suits dancing to the very klezmer like, very gypsy like, dance music


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