Saturday, 24 April 2010

scotland ... or the right thing to do

for those who know scotland
we bought a few pasties from greggs in berwick
and we were accidentally eating them as we crossed the border
which could be described as culturally
the right thing to do

from thurs to sat
we chewed up the A30
the M25
the M1
the M18
and the A[1M]
and i mean we ate them up
the transit van has a jaw a maw a great gobbling mouth
and the maw was underneath as we sat high above england
loving the greenery
and it swallowed up the tarmac
chewed it up near noiselessly and
puffed it out as smoke in our rear
and we landed in planet Alnwick
which took some adjusting
as did the very nice Beaconsfield B'n'B
aaah greenery
ahhh black pudding
ahhh black sheep bitter
ahhh terraced street pubs
ahhh staunch steadfast strong solid old churches
ahh the beige stone of the streets
ahh bamburgh castle
which turns out to be another lost capital
seeing we went to fifteen or twenty ex-capitals of now forgotten empires
though it was of course a rather smaller kingdom or empire it was capital of
the northumbrian kingdom of the 7th and 8th
till it got totalled by the Vikings
and we had to go to the castle cos well
we had to go to a castle
cos p had never been to one before
[apart from rosenborg in denmark
and bidar, i supppose, built by Arabs in central India
on a quasi-Italian model]
so now here we are in edin
and i have my first show in seven months
which focuses the mind

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