Sunday, 11 April 2010


last free day

ferry cross the hoogly...

good time to be leaving cos



all round

The gusto, gusted

All keenness now busted

Broken and dulled on a hundred shores

A two-channel TV

A button in want of a polish

A windless flag

Where once the sap of curiosity rose and gleamed in the sun

It now rose weakly, looked blandly at the light,

and retreated back to the roots

The bowing arc has flat-lined

the spin has spun

the sing has sung

The glass

Then probably half empty

Now a quarter full


and seeping

Ja Ded

The zap has drained

The zest has leaked

The wax has waned

The point has peaked

So its


all round

have had enough of travelling

and of India

and am looking forward to whatever's next

ultimately coming back here was a mistake


and my view of the human race is decidedly lower than it was when it started

which wasn't the case last time i was here


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