Tuesday, 12 October 2010


metreless lines
with a natural rhythm
whose initial poise,
serves to launch you along
and whose cadence sends the eye and mind
along and down
where each succeeding
clause or sentence
launches you again
and you are bobbed and pushed
by the waves of the words
the lyric sweep of the prose
edged and thrown and lapped
sliding skiing sledging
vivified by a rising prose
bounced and braced and buoyed by an onseeking energy
brought down by clausaic troughs
by slump from bass to bass
while toyed by
and toying with
the spray of image and idea
with words of verve to
bubble bolster and boost
with words of sonorous dullness to
sink and sour
words splashing meanings like paintbombs
alliterative euphonic onomatopoieac
words expressing themselves
live to the mind
the tongue
the ear
words perking
jerking or quirking
words nailing unquestionable
words flailing provocative
words railing presumptive
words splashing meanings indistinct
the eye seeing its own shape in the
evolving blur of impression
cut by sudden exactitude
coiling allusion
tripping fact
repetition of word to
tie ideas together
to connect
to disconnect
of consonant to bob
of assonance to ease
sentences whose initial poise
serves to launch you down them
whose liquid flow rolls the eye-mind along
lilts the eye-mind from side to side
and down to down
and over and over
in and out of mind
on and off tongue
off and on literal
out and in line and leaf
from clause to clause down page
whose initial poise,
serves to launch you down
line after line,
phrase after phrase,
idea after idea,
page after page

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