Tuesday, 6 July 2010

no stocktake

take stock
is it possible to take stock?
is it?
to stop and have a look at what's happening
has just happened
my tour
well its too early to stop
because nothing's gone great
these fests are small
there was never any real possibility of success before this point
though montreal was good and almost great
london was flat and disappointing
and this is being more fun and better than expected
with two shows at good times left
and success still possible
but life's not bad
me and priscilla are actually together
for the first time in over six weeks
on thursday in winnipeg
she has been feverishly working on her show
falling people
which opens next week
scary stuff for any human being
four hours a day in an arts centre in dauphin manitoba
and it is a laugh here
after the party
[superpricy beer]
seven of us go leap in a hot tub
alice, carly's billet has a mysteriously wide selection of
bathing suits
and two late hours later i stroll back with martin
the surprise, the bike trip, wanderlust
a very funny gentleman
ooo and i didn't mention the
near albert and 13th
which has marvelous sushi
possibly the best ever
and great to go with martin and jeff
cos we can have such a wide variety
but where
after our 32nd dish they say the
kitchen is closing

and so we leave
very full of sushi
but booo
that's not good, that is
lack of faith and cowardice on their part


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