Friday, 9 July 2010

the peg ... and hearst kickstarts the mob

billeted in the far distance
nice house
me and p back together after seven long weeks
quiet days in the winnipeg run up
reading a biography of randolph hearst
the man citizen kane was based on
Citizen Hearst
good book
amazing life
autocratic nightmare rich bastard
brilliant in many ways
and bastard times
if american politics seems scurrrilous and shameless now
the right wing columnists and tv pundits
well their shamelessness and dirtiness and scurrilousness is nothing new

amongst many interesting details
is how hearst's 1912ish hiring of gangs to intimidate newsellers into taking his newspapers
evolved, after defections, and the hiring of more gangs by rivals
into a gang war with many dead
and that this is seen by many as
the origin of organised gangsterism and racketeering in Chicago
makes you think
i said in a show a number of years back
the origin of the word gangster is from 1890s Chicago and originallly denoted
men who stuff ballot boxes
which, after the US 2000 election finally gave us proof the world is run by gangsters

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