Wednesday, 21 July 2010

o i was...

it ain't that bad
priscilla's show may be a walking corpse
because of the free press review
but that's not how she's seeing it
and she's enjoying doing the show
and numbers are picking up
and as for me well
the hour is a serious endurance
but its definitely fun
and yesterday was my biggest house yet on the tour
and i might end up selling out
which would be a huge achievment in the cirx
and tonight is the cabaret
which heaps a whole bunch of responsibility
most of the responsabunchofothersyllables
on me
and as its the cabaret
and i can do serious speed
i'm on late
v near the end
it is going to be a very long night
plus it was after the cabaret three years that one priscilla yakielashek decided that
after two days of consideration
i was a good idea
and abducted me into a cab
and took me back to her place
and nothing was ever quite the same again

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