Monday, 27 September 2010

a figure of eight on its side...

perhaps the Edmonton theatre world is only so finite
i'm at a do,
a kinda houseparty welcome do for those new to the drama faculty
homey, etc
and i meet a woman who's done the fringe for years
was in number 2
and we chat and in the end i ask
do you know ken brown
or sheri d wilson
and she says yes
but then we're talking about the infiniteness or not of the canadian theatre world
and she suddenly breaks off and says
yes i know ken,
we were married

the brown in michelle brown is brown as in ken
her two kids are his two kids, who i've met
ahhhh...i think
so we go on about that infinity sign perhaps not being appropriate
and maybe its just a figure of eight on its side
a track with two bends
which made for a
good funny moment

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