Thursday, 9 September 2010


Jem Rolls: One Man Riot
Jem Rolls’s shows are beautifully tailored. In One Man Riot, he tells the true story of his involvement in the anti-poll-tax riot in London in 1990. (Margaret Thatcher had decided that everyone should pay the same tax, rich or poor.) In a performance that’s so energetic it’s like a human sacrifice through sweating, Rolls gives a strong sense of the visceral thrill of rioting—and of the blood lust shared by rioters and police. Rolls matches his substantial content with the scrupulous attention he pays his choreographed gestures and the harsh musicality of his speech.

not bad
its been my worst tour for reviews
esp since the other acts generally think it my best show
but they have got better lately
and this is short but not bad at all

will make a thousand copies
for fringe which starts tonight

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