Friday, 3 September 2010

A New Superhero

I'm going to create a new Superhero
You've heard of Captain Fantastic
And Captain America
And even Captain Scarlett
Well i`ve got a new one
So lets hear a great drumroll
Lets give him a great fanfare
And lets hear it for the One
The Only
The greatest man ever around here
Captain Vancouver
He can sail a tiny ship on the giant Ocean
He can find Australia, which everyone else had lost
He can find Hawaii before anyone else
He`s in and out of Nootka sound
He`s up and down the Juan de Fuca
He`s chummier with the natives than everyone else
He`s giving rise to cities
To a whole new island
To a whole province
Captain... Vancouver
not sure that quite worked
maybe it would take a writer of musicals
or maybe spoof musicals
to do the job properly
died forgotten at 40
beaten in the street by some
narked hooray baron who
still resented his discipline
buried in petersham

meanwhile its going very badly
sick of excuses
sick of bad luck

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