Wednesday, 22 September 2010

a free...



One whose mind

and tongue

and heart

are equipped with the courage

and agility

to explore

and delve

and rummage

into the realms of

experience and thought

where security

and the comfort of the known

are boredom

are palliatives

and therefore sickness...

One who exists in the present

in the enormous now

unencumbered by past

or future,


or planned intention

where its not what you know

its how you know it...

One equipped to take on

new struggles

new challenges

where new kinds of victory

and overcoming

increase one's power

for new kinds of perception

and where defeats

the wrong kind of defeat

attack the mind

and body

and imprison one's energies

till one is gaoled

in the prison air

of one's own singularities,

of other people's habits

and patterns

is harried

by their defeats

is nulled by


and quiet desperation

is frustrated by the flailing

and floundering

of undirected energies

and muted

by an icy self-destroying



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