Tuesday, 24 November 2009

it was all to get the roosters out of our hair

freedom by proxy
a freedom only in the
imagining of future others
enjoying that freedom
it was all to get the roosters out of our hair
i mean, civilization as we know it
it was a long-term altruistic project, the longest ever
the wheel, walls, printing, the steam engine, the light bulb
tarmac, clocks, plastic
all for one goal, peace, freedom from the unceasing din
cos way back when, over a 1000 years ago, whatever, some folks, some smart and very good guys, were utterly tired of all the roosters crowing all the time
truly deeply heartily pig sick of them
were weary to the very marrow of their bones with it
because it'd been going on forever, for 1000s of years, in every city, every town, every village, all over the world
waking them early, way too early in the morning
the headache
the great god forever headache of it all
and it looked like it would go on forever as well
unless someone did something
and it wouldn't be easy
so, those guys, were they in China, Granada, Babylon, or even in Italy?
no-one knows
but, whoever those marvelous guys were, they needed a break, and they wanted to save us, the following generations, from it as well
for the only freedom they could have from the din was the notion that someday the roosters would be gone, someday other more blessed humans would live that freedom
that was the only peace they could find in their minds... a freedom by proxy
because it was going to be a very long job, getting roosters and their bloody morning crowing out of our lives
i mean, it wasn't going to happen overnight,
it was plainly going to be an incremental job,
and a job for millions of individuals very raising the human race out of roosterdom
was for a goal far but nearer all the time,
till long long after they were dead it might succeed
so they battled
wells, clothes pegs, wheelbarrows, plastic bucket,
and they battled
incremental it was, dogged they were
and long were the centuries
and incessant were the cocks
and countless were the hours, the days, the evenings, the midnight lucubrations
all striving to one goal
getting the rooster out of our lives
till one day, far from the beginning, they got there
one day, after, because, they got there.. where they were no roosters
town, villages, whole cities,
rooster free
without the dawn cacophony
after so much effort, so much striving...
they finally got there...
aahhh the sleep of it, the deep deep sleep of it,
ahhh, it makes me drowsy thinking about it,
i think i'll lie down, isn't it quiet?...
if those guys are up there watching, the sight of me sleeping will really cheer them up
or maybe it was to get rid of the bloody dogs

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