Tuesday, 17 November 2009

lucky cow/ good advert for prayer

patnem beach
back in paradise
[after 24 hour dash from east subcontinent to west subcontinent
after the rainy season washout out east]
was here in very south of goa for 20 days three years ago
came for 2 days, it took me a whole 18 hours to realise it was paradise
and then after three weeks of failing to leave cos i liked it so much
i finally had to hire a crane to dig myself out of the place
and even then i regretted it
gokarna was ok but this is....
where there are fifteen or so cows on the beach
and boy, do they look happy...
firstly they're in india, which has certain advantages for a cow
secondly, they're right by the shoreline which is
thirdly, cool
and fourthly, free of flies and mosquitoes
and you know that truly contented look cows can have
all placid and ruminating, with kind of a smile
well they've got it, they've really got it
to the point where it looks like they're about to burst into a big broad grin
and maybe even a bollywood happycow dance routine
the lucky cows
i bet they pray to a few gods
and they're a good advert for prayer

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