Thursday, 26 November 2009




The distant dolphins out in the wide blue bay

The shoals of tiny fish fizzing the water in dark patches

The cows by the cool of the sea

The sandpipers, their impossibly small legs working double time to take them up the beach

The noisy packs of noisy dogs like adolescent boys all territorial in a playground

The dogs madly chasing the sandpipers and crows... do they, ever, catch one?

The White-Throated Kingfisher, the common Kingfisher,

The crabs ever scuttling to their holes as you approach

The dragonflies

The crabs with their borrowed conical shells

The Indian Sea Eagles and Brahminy Kites wheeling above the trees and the head

The diverse large butterflies

The sandflies, the mosquitoes, the flies

The big black bumblebee buzzing around behind

The big red ants, tiny red ants, the tiny black ants, the giant black ants

The roosters crowing

The occasional cat

The dead grey-black cow by the river past the head

The dogs and crows tugging at the fresh, newly stenching carcass

The midsized fish leaping in the sea

The occasional large monkey, long tailed and whitefaced

The bobbing head of the swimming tourists

The jewelery sellers hawking forlornly the early season beach, too numerous for too few tourists

The waiters looking out for business

The fishermen in the boats way out

The boys and youths playing cricket and football

The tourists playing bat and ball

The sun-lounging Germans

The acrobat kids on the makeshift tightropes with their makeshifting mothers

The youth with his needles and his ear scam [?]

The bored uniformed armed policemen occasionally strolling the length of the beach

The cleavages and pectorals, the fat European guts and the pregnant bulges

The strong black English swimmers way out to sea, front-crawling from headland to headland

The occasional gaggle of young Indian men, gawking slyly from the side of their eyes at all the Caucasian female flesh

The English guys on the pull, and the apparently keen Swedish and German girls

The early-lunching old women

The milk white toddlers laughing

The tottering local infants with their laughing mothers and/ or fathers

The yesterday today and tomorrow

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