Tuesday, 27 October 2009

fast and grubby


I lived in London for fifteen years. From 86ish to 01ish.

It was my city. And I liked it more and more each year.

And did not want to leave.

But ran off to Edinburgh with a Russian Jewish Diamond Heiress Novelist.

Which all went pearshaped pretty sharpish, but is all right by me cos it got me out of London. Which is the best move I ever made. And considerably improved my life.

Whether I was such a good thing in her life is another matter. I severely doubt it, though I did try.

In fact I sometimes wonder if I stole her luck… she’d always been pretty privileged and lucky and maybe I nicked her luck from then on.

So I never missed London. And when I come back here I find it way way too unnecessarily fast and grubby.

I think that, when I lived here, I liked the fact it was so fast and grubby, but now, after living in Edinburgh and trotting nomadically around the world, it just don’t seem necessary.

Anyone know what i mean?

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