Sunday, 11 October 2009

The Fringe is dead. Long live the Fringe.

The Fringe is dead. Long live the Fringe
Vancouver, September 10, 2009

Victoria is over, is already history, is done and dusted and can't be changed. While Vancouver is about to begin, has everything to play for, is an unset destiny, is up for grabs.

And me, I'm feeling grabby. It's the last fringe of the tour, I always have a good time here and I'm well up for one last throw of the n-sided dice.

So I chilled sniffily for an empty day in Victoria. The rain cleared for a pristine sunset over those clear, dark and unoceanly flat waters, and I was gone in the morning. Swartz Bay to Tsawwassen is the nicest boat ride I do (though I might be back in Cochin harbour in a month or so) and I wrote innovatively bad poetry while the islands went smoothly by. I found my new billet, 16th and Cambie, not bad at all, I met Ross my billet and I strolled down to say hi to the Fringe folks.

The start of a Fringe is a bit like the first day back at college, even though we've only had two days off. Some acts are first years, some are third years, and me I've been here a long time and I keep coming back at 47. So it's nameless faces, and half-remembered names, and which show are you? or were you? or were you in? and how did it (Minneapolis, Victoria, Summerworks in Toronto) go? and excited reunions with people you last saw tottering plasteredly into a cab last Saturday. That kind of thing.
Then I put up the odd poster, which will already be completely useless, due to the belting Anglo-style rain. I ate some extra stodgy fish 'n' chips and I went for a drink with the funniest guy I know.

And today is more settling in. I have to make more posters to replace the ones which are now soggy pulp. I have to do CBC at noonish. I have to do the media call for the Gala. I have to tech my show. I have to do the tech for the Gala, before which I have decide what I'm doing in the Gala, and then I have to try and get some sleep before the Gala, after which it's … the opening night Gala … a big event in the 450-seat Granville Island Stage.

After which I have a whole day off before my first show on Friday.

More luxury.

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