Sunday, 11 October 2009

Fast-track planning … Secret Cabaret

Fast-track planning … Secret Cabaret
Vancouver, September 17, 2009

So it's a quiet Tuesday at midnight and I'm sitting outside the Fringe Bar with Cara Yates … and we're spraffing about that and this … and she casually raises the idea of a Cabaret here … 'cos I co-run the Secret Midnight Cabaret in Winnipeg, a brilliant event which sells out 130 tickets in eight minutes … And within 30 seconds it's all totally agreed that we're going to run a late-night cabaret at the Performance Works on Saturday.
And after another five seconds it's a fundraiser for the Fringe.
And after another ten it's the Cabaret of Bulls**t (now mister kinski's Cabaret of Bulls**t)
And after another two minutes it's provisionally Eric Red Bastard, TJ Dawe (not in the Fringe), Gemma Honeymoon, Jonno Accident, Candy Afterlife, Lana Grandpa Sol, Becky Murder Hope, Cara Reckless Abandon, Me, Chris Ignorance Gibbs, Tara Lavignia Travis, and maybe the Caberlesques (who can't make it.)
A killer line-up. A ridiculously good line-up
So b-boom, within three more minutes we've provisionally confirmed it with David Jordan, Fringe Director … and we're away.
So that's Saturday, mister kinski's Cabaret of BS, Performance Works, Granville Island, doors 11:20, show 11:30-ish, five bucks, 10 bucks supporter price, bar.
B-Boom, it's gonna be great, killer, what a lineup. That was quick.
Fancy it?

And my show? Its going great. Lovely audience yesterday. Well up for it, I always have a good time here because it's a sophisticated bigcity audience and, as I've done the show 57 or so times, it's very together indeed.
So, two shows left. Just two shows. And then I'm done, bar the little matter of two ninety-minute shows in London Ontario next week. Where I have to learn some extra material.
So, two shows left. It's gonna be a great weekend. This is when the big audiences come out and I can't wait.
Two shows left.

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