Sunday, 11 October 2009

Warren Buffet's secret secret

Warren Buffet's secret secret
Vancouver, September 17, 2009

Meanwhile, I was reading a book about Warren Buffet and I worked out his secret.
I mean he's absurdly successful, inhumanly successful. And he's tried
to convince people it's because he's a superbrilliant trader. But that's
just a smoke screen for the real truth.
How come he's been so remarkably successful?
Because he invented a time machine, yes a time machine, at some point
in the late fifties/ early sixties … And he decided to keep the secret
to himself and pop forward and back to nicely aggrandize himself like
no one has ever aggrandized themselves before.
Because he's in the money. He's got the dosh. He's got the readies. He's feeling flush. He's made of money. He's laughing. He's rich as Croesus. He's much richer than Croesus. He makes Croesus look like a total bleedin' non-starter. He's in the money.
He's not short of a bob or two.
I mean, if you invented a time machine and were making billions from
forays into the future which furnished you with the bestest juiciest laughingest information, and
you didn't want anyone to know, then … YOU WOULD DO EXACTLY WHAT WARREN
BUFFET HAS DONE, wouldn't you?
I rest my case.
I mean, he's just too successful for the straight explanation. It's like
Shakespeare: according to Mark Twain, for him to have written all the
works of Shakespeare means he would have to have had THREE TIMES THE
VOCABULARY OF ANYONE WHO EVER LIVED. Which is simply not possible, is
it, not THREE TIMES? … So, therefore, he was a pen name for a bunch, a
pool of writers, one of whom was a lawyer.
Same thing with Warren Buffett. So, it's a time machine baby, gottabe.
Where is it?

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