Thursday, 15 July 2010

first show

not bad
60ish punters
kings is a very difficult space to perform in and i feel like i spent an hour cramming my body into a space way too small for it and i have still to properly unfold and stretch and limber out of it
serious lung work
serious throat work
lots of physical work
and i have to really work three sides in a non-acoustic space and it is tough to fill it with voice and presence
all this work will
make it a very robust show
pretty quickly but
right now
its tough
saw jonno's CACTUS...
what a killer show
a unique mix of comedy and lightness
very silly and very smart
always a combination with me
second show
how will i do?
this fest is important to me so...
how will i do?
plus its priscilla's first show this eve
falling people
playhouse studio
she just did a great run-through in the garden
its got massively better since sunday and
martin dockery's series of very
pertinent questions
but i won't be there for it this eve
so here's thinking of p

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