Wednesday, 28 July 2010

no key, low key

houses where no-one locks the door
no key
old friend long recovering in
sex addiction therapy
nabob coffee
killer sudoku
back to outrageous level
after having demoted myself to extreme level
4 buck wing night
the pelicans down by the river
the place where i realised i had nothing to worry about
reading about early hominids
the days of hope?
the days of very hard scavenging scrabble?
europe and asia met about seventeen million years ago
before that they were separated
and nothing was ever the same again
spent the trip here trying to make dave dawson laugh
with fair success
listening to the tape of andy kaufman's life
as in the man in the moon
my own black cat
yes my own black cat
hi tiddles
say hi tiddles
say hi to tiddles
bright sunny saskatchewan morn outside
off to poster downtown with
wholly cognisant futility
the bridge over the shiny fat grey river
busy day of teching
pizza party
hi hi hi
finally said goodbye to william randolph hearst
the old bastard
who spent more money on things, on buildings
than any man in history
any emperor, king
more than anyone else ever
orson welles regretted that everyone thought
the girl in citizen kane was
marion davies
saw it as unfair to her

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