Tuesday, 6 July 2010

typhoid jem

last year
and the year before
i would go out before every show and
shake hands with the audience in the line-up
and this was good to do
and it did give me something to do
except last year i got six or more colds across the tour
and even lost my voice in Toronto
[two very bad days]
so this year i'm not
i wonder how many people i gave colds to
i like my audience
and i do not want to make them ill
one year i would stand by the exit and
shake everyone's hands as they left
saying sorry
and sorry
and sorry
to everyone
as they left...
this was a great joke
no-one had any idea why i was doing it and it was
bloody funny
people would come back to the door and ask
why are you saying sorry
and i'd say
i've no idea, funny though isn't it

of course if they show went badly
i can't remember if any did
and i might actually have something to apologise for
then i certainly would not be out there apologising


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