Wednesday, 24 February 2010

the land of fudge and...


where everyone is long long used to nothing working properly
its like me and half the stuff i owned
the computer turntable
none of which worked 100%
but i knew the knack
it was a bit like a security system, with a knack rather than a password
well this country is all bit like that
like this keyboard
where the e doesn't work
so to do the e's in this
i have had to lift one off a document
and do
control v
to paste in an e
which is a lot of cut and paste
so its a pest
but it is doable
the essential thing is not the hassle
but that
despite imperfections
it can be done
so much of this country operates in this way
despite the manyfold imperfections
it can be done
so it is done
it might take a while
it might not come out a 100%
which reminds me of the Portuguese in Angola cos
when they left
after 400 years
in which they never even built a well outside Luanda
they cut the e out of all the typewriters
to make them useless

which was a spectacularly charmless way of saying
thanks for letting us freeload for 400 years
don't you think?

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