Friday, 12 February 2010

you would, wouldn't you

the caves at ellora
profound wow
buddhist hindu and jain caves
carved into the basalt
the largest monolithic temple in the world... the most striking one of all, hindu,
something Egyptian about it
we took a tour, MTDC coach and guide,
because its easy and it takes less time
it turned out less painful than the other tours this 12 month
vietnam etc
yet tourism has a lot of the conveyor belt about it
and tours even more so
but we managed to jump ship when we'd had enough
but still
the kind of thing to provoke an existential crisis
a bit of a hole really
and the worst food yet
so bad that if it had a mcdonalds i'd probably go there
and on the way up we went to Dalautabad...
a fort carved out of a mountain
the fort is inside and on top of the mountain
the deep moat was carved out of the mountain
and filled with snakes and crocodiles
...and after you've gone in a number of gates,
and got over the moat's lack of leather drawbridge
there's the labyrinth
carved within the rock
never seen anything like it
or not seen, since it was dark
where there's tunnels leading nowhere, leading somewhere,
leading up leading down
leading off a cliff into the crocodiles
where the defenders would pour boiling oil and water down on the attackers
and come out of nowhere
no-one ever got through
except by bribing the guards
you would wouldn't you
you would

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