Saturday, 20 February 2010

A World Of Hesitation

To explain the age-old shilly-shally dilly-dally
the fact the human race has advanced so little
changed so little
stood so still

Do you know what would happen if everyone stopped saying Om
The buddhist Ommm
... The world would properly start

For its been one very long misapprehension
an error as long as eternity
as long as the longest Ommm
Chanting Om doesn’t clear the mind
It holds up the world
It’s the same as UMMM
As errr
As uhhh
And the great collective OMMM is a
collective permanent spanner in the works
Its willing the great eternal hesitation to continue
They’re riding the wrong horse
down the wrong road
by the wrong river
under the wrong sky
to bark up the wrong tree

I always thought OMMMM sounded a bit coloured with the negative
And it seems I was right…
For every single Ommm sustains the nothing
Prolongs and forevers the unending hesitation in the human race
Dithers it beyond the dawdle into a stop
Wavers it to a standstill
Halters and falters it from a halt to a fault…
So, everyone please, stop saying stop
No more OMMM
With the best of intentions
You’re mucking it all up
So, no more OMMMM
Lets start…

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