Wednesday, 3 February 2010

when this road grows up it wants to be a ...

lively friendly dusty city in the Deccan plain
a plain so flat it could almost be Canada
with no temples
only opulent islamic domes
... and a chowk named after Tipu Sultan
and maybe i feel a tad-shamedfaced every time i see his name
because the british expended so much effort for the express purpose of sticking a few bayonets in his stomach
[see earlier sriringapattnam]
priscilla thought the gol gumbaz one of the very greatest buildings she's ever seen
[which bodes well for her taj mahal experience]
and its a large majestic beauty of a place
and of the two or three biggest domes on earth
high arches
small domes around domes around the big dome
curlicues on curlicues
view from high over the hot afternoon cities...
domes instead of the gopurams down south
with a whispering gallery, like st pauls in london
but where its hard to hear the whisper because of the yelling whispering catcalling teenagers
but maybe the fact there's no old temples around here
because the muslims had a habit of destroying them
which is why we're not going to be see many great temples as we go north
because the muslims destroyed them
maybe this fact should make me less embarrassed about the sight of Tipu's very name
and from here on its going to be more moosque than temple
a jammu masud every three days
here we go
next stop gulbarga or bidar

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