Saturday, 17 April 2010

low budget nevada desert kinda movie ash cloud creeping east to Russia and south to the Med

this the only message in the bottle
the only complete image
the only unscrambled burst of electrons
to emerge from the continent where one by one the cities are going out
the last choke of a bankrupted civilisation assailed by vengeful tectonics

cos its a
nevada-desert kinda low-budget-movie ash cloud creeping east to Russia and south to the Med...
in a sliced arc of a whirlwind, a continent wide dust devil, a rotating tectonic smoky glaze

and what happens next?
giant ants?
everyone turns purple and gets eaten?
everyone goes blind and gets eaten by the tetchy veg?


everyone drifts into the cloud and is never seen again
the only ones left are in remote lighthouses and mines
the future is the
gene pool of the Antarctic Sub-Station


so what happens when the cars stop?
the radio waves get screened?
when everything fails?

when only those good at growing potatoes and skinning their own rabbits will survive?

this is it
night of the living live
the incredible shrinking us
apocalypse yesterday

as Sheen Marlowe heads upstream with a diminishing gang of non-mates into the craziness of Huck's river, whittled down like the cast of a country mansion murder thriller... while out in the universal Novo Boondocks ... with the survivalist battling everyone on every side... splintering into splinters into splinters, till all is atomised... awaiting the new Genghis ...and most of the species who remain die being poured like cement to make the bridges to cross the moats to be the new cannon fodder, the new boiling oil fodder,
crushing dust
what with the fungus shaped clouds drifing over fifty mile wide conurbations just ripe for social implosion
thank god we're not america because we'd have gone crazy by now
the kind of crazy civilian guns do not help
and we'd already be splintering on race lines preparing for the great mass bloodlet

oil refineries burn in lines on horizon
sand and fumes and steam and volcanic glass merge above to steal the sun... thickening widening stretching darkening... and stealing the sun... to the eclipse of the day... the month of twilight

so the proto moorlocks are heading for their bunkers ... the miners came out of the mines took one look at the starless world above... and went back down their shafts

ahhhg, its controlling us


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