Monday, 26 April 2010

the strength in writing and voice

thousandth edinburgh murky morn
some great fun edinburgh sunday night band
the beau nasties
in the jazz bar after midnight
good band
spectacularly great fiddler
after the rocking show at jenny lindsay's club
my first show for seven months and, well
it went great
there's nothing like stressing in quantity to get your brain gear for performance
and first time i've seen jennny lindsay and jennifer williams in a while
both of whom have rather come on since i saw them
its strange to not see a mate like jennifer for what, 18 months, two years
and then see how much they've changed
how much they've done
performance wise
poetry book
writing course in Glasgow
major upheaval in life
poetry and music
poetry with soundscape
job as literary officer at traverse theatre
which is alot
and see and feel the growth of strength in writing and voice
its a good feeling
though we will have to meet up so i can find out where her mind's been on this journey
and where it might be going

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