Saturday, 10 April 2010

uncle tom and alice

uncle tom's cabin
a great book
and one i was wholly prejudiced against
the fact that uncle tom is a curse flung with venom
and that i have used it myself as an insult
is pretty hard to take when the character is of a
christian martyr...
and the dramatic arc and moral force of the book require such a character
its a very well-written, very dramatic book
very clear and together for its time... 1850
and one of the most successful novels ever written
lest anyone forget
in terms of sales
and of impact
and to criticise uncle tom for not burying a hatchet in anyone's head is simply fatuous
a la james baldwin [who i would much rather read than this book]
for the book has a range of characters black and white
some much better realised than others
it is very much a product of its time
with some blunt sterotypes
white and black.
yet it has such a history of loathing
from white and black that almost beggars belief
i mean its not the movie birth of a nation
the film which invented film narrative as we know it
where the "happy ending"
is all the black people coming out of their houses to vote , being greeted by mounted white men with guns, so they have no choice but to go back into their houses and not vote
o yes...

which led to the biggest surge in membership of racist organisations the US has ever known

alice in wonderland
shite movie
v disapp mr depp
top h bon car
most of those childhood otherworld films are
the harry potters work great
a great amount of effort has gone into creating an alternative world
with lots of name and detail and care and, well, love
bloody narnia
or the golden compass
or this
simply haven't done that and don't work and i can't be bothered to follow it
plus there's a few ways the movie isn't properly trying
in what ways does it relate to previous journeys to wonderland alice?
how is this resolved, or realised?
its not, is it?
oo gives a toss?

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