Sunday, 18 April 2010

show is being rehearsed in a variety of places


behind pagodas in durbar squares

half way up a semi-himalalya ascending or descending

one hotel room after another

down the disastered lumpbumpy bashcrangy arterial road across to eastern Nepal

in hill-station parks high above the impenetrable everest-concealing cloud

across the calcutta maidan and onto the ferry cross the hoogly

by gate 23 or so of one or more airport

round the disused tennis court

in the gentle lump-floored glade over the heath with a directorial priscilla sitting on a tree-stump

in the artfully manicured english back garden


blimey, were we lucky with the plane and the prevailing glassy ash cloud

3 hours later and we'd've had to land somehwre else in Europe
and a half a day later and ow, ouch, still stuck there, in India
with a run-out visa
and a 1000 quid on flights who knows when...
who knows?

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