Sunday, 4 April 2010

more no everest


up in the clouds
ten days ago we were in nagarkhot in nepal for a non-view of everest from the west
and now here we are for a non-view of it from the east


slow 1kmh crawl

up round the tight bends

some more than 360 degrees

into the mist


kinda jaded

and not enjoying the cold

and thinking to the next stop

beyond calcutta and hyderabad

to england and edinburgh


so will chiefly stay in and read

... have learnt 7400 of the 8100 words of the new show

and will less learn

rather than naturally acquire

the last 700



am reading UNCLE TOM'S CABIN

not a book i thought i'd ever read

but well

its one of the most successful books ever


the antithesis of BIRTH OF A NATION

and very well put together in terms of a drama...

so here we go

its gonna be grim

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