Saturday, 10 April 2010


so, how's it going, i ask myself?
how indeed
how this blog
how travel
how writing
how show...

blogging does writing poetry writing no favours
for me
writing poetry involves boiling down ideas and boiling them down again
and again
and trying them together
and moving them about
trying to find a succession of thoughts which truly cooks
this is how the pieces i like the most have come about
and this is a slow process
is about distilling words in tiny drops with painful lack of speed
while blog writing is about spraying words out there daily
its an entirely other process
and one which has inhibited the poetry
has got in the way
stopped me from writing
maybe in the long run
the fact the blog has forced me to generate so many words and ideas that
on any reasonable mathematic
a certain proportion have to be quite good
and who knows, a few might be
so maybe in the long run its a good thing...
but for now
its an inhibitor...

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