Saturday, 5 June 2010

bought new docs and hitchhiked to Barcelona

one time i

just bought new docs

cherry red doctor martens

they're pricier than they were

i used to get them from a shop/ lean-to on the waist in kingsland road, only open saturday afternoons

kenny's it was

i got them there for years till it shut down, so then it was leith walk


so ouch, the price, barnett's on the royal mile, cheaper then anywhere else but still ouch

one day i'll be poor again, its just a matter of staving it off for as long as possible

so, ouch

cherry red though, so nice


but one time i

bought new docs and hitchhiked to Barcelona

which is up there with the stupidest things i ever done


bloody hell


by the time i got there i had

five things wrong with each foot


walking was horrible

concentrated pain

god awful bloody blisters

athlete's foot


ingrowing toenails, sometimes bloody

and this awful general bone ache which was undoubtedly my whole foot saying NOOOO at the terrible treatment

i've done a bunch of stupid stuff

who hasn't

i'm 47

but that's up there with the stupidest

aches itches sorenesses pains and agonies

every footstep a pain, abloodygony

oww, those lovely boulevards
sangria helped,
as i recall,
while i was unnecessarily lost in the barrio gothico

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