Tuesday, 22 June 2010


quiet tuesday
absolutely belting down outside
nice billet off hamilton road
staying with kathy
who billeted me way back in September
its a small fringe but well-run and
a new fringe for me so its great to have a
new beast to confront in all its allness
new audience new volunteers new set-up
new streets new venues new faces...
and not be in Ottawa feeling pissed off
i gave up on Ottawa because i hadn't had a review in four years
which in fringe terms is ridiculous
one year without a review is bad, but might happen
two is someone failing somewhere
three is beyond ridiculous
and four is ...well
some distance after the point at which i should have quit
first show here was good
audience was nice
i was so-so
but it feels good and its a whole new beast to go for
which feels great to me
then it was jambalaya steak
followed by the pub
the Black Shire
... good to meet Martin Dockery again
not seen since Winnipeg last year
he was first of the gang off the roundabout last year
but this year he's going all the way
his show is the Bike Trip
which i assumed would be another travelogue
which would be a rather obvious choice for Martin after last year's
raging successful Wanderlust
but it turns out its about the first ever acid trip
Doctor Hoffman, inadvertent inventor of LSD
getting a new kind of spaced outon the bike trip home

followed by the No Show
the late night Cabaret Jayson MacDonald runs
a quiet Monday i suspect but still lots of fun
i was on and Jayson managed to get some sneaky tough questions in
yet it felt good and the
only way is up
i reckon

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