Tuesday, 15 June 2010

impossible uncontainable excitement

having a marvelous time
murky adrenaline overload morning
fried breakfast
sun warming morning streets
ronnettes be my baby on youtube [ache]
the total workout of the physical performance of my show means i'm feeling healthier than any time all year
great show last night
biggest house yet
not as killer as saturday's
[no cat kidd leading laughter]
and i need to vary my voice
and i do get exhausted
but the show is radically better than it was friday
has come on in absolute leaps and bounds in only four days
yes, its just four days
and so much has happened
plus i get off stage and i'm on the thirteenth hour at the just for laughs venue where blimey, its fun and i even dance, for the first time since errr, last year on the thirteenth hour
having trouble sleeping
having trouble stopping
having trouble not talking about myself
and tonight i'm in dramaturkey... actors go straight with wilfully terrible scripts
we'll see

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