Saturday, 12 June 2010

the legendary montreal fringe spoof wedding


I’ve had towards 50 geat nights out in Montreal

But the best was probably the spoof wedding the Fringe ran

At the Thirteenth Hour

When it was in Bar Aacademie up by St Jospeh [?]

It was half-Jewish half Mooonie

The Fringe hired 20 wedding dresses

And El Supremo Jeremy Hechtman dressed up as a Rabbi

And everyone [actors!] took it super seriously

And all the vows were things like

“everyday I willl remind you how talented you are and how nobody apppreaciates you as an artist”

And Jeremy led and everyone replied in a susurrating whisper to their intended

And it reverberated round the room as a susurrating whisper

“everyday I will tell you what a great actor you are and how nobody understands the artist within you”

And people got married three or four times in a few minutes

Someone marrried a cup of coffee

And then they played that dance from Fiddler on the Roof

Which it turns out is the Jewish Wedding Dance

And danced like crazy

And then everyone got hammered

And me I laughed for days

And who can say how many of them got laid

But a lot

[I might be the only one who didn’t]

Mucho shaggo

And the next night they had a mass divorce

Except no-one showed up

Cos they were either still in bed together or

Too hungover

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